Tamparuli, a popular stop among locals

Located on the west coast of Sabah, land below the wind, Tamparuli is just a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran. With majority of Dusun Lotud reside here, Tamparuli is well known for its famous landmark which is a long hanging bridge, and has been immortalised in the evergreen kadazandusun song Jambatan Tamparuli. Simultaneously, there is another brigde which is built for motor traffic, spanning the river just  below the hanging bridge but is frequently flooded during heavy rain.

With a sizeable Chinese community that runs most of the shops here, Tamparuli itself consists of both newer concrete shoplots as well as old wooden ones from the Brtish colonial (one had collapsed by fire in recent years).

Because of its location at the Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan road, Tamapruli becomes a popular stop among locals & travellers for snack or meal. Tourists may also find it a convenient stop en route to the town of Kiulu where you can find a popular whitewater rafting destination for domestic and foreign tourists alike.
So, sonong korikatan doid Tamparuli!

Welcome to Tamparuli 🙂

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Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

I’m going back to blog now. Even though the frequency of blogging will decrease because i’m busy! but I still want to blog because i’ve got to express my feelings right away. And it’s been so long that i didn’t write anything here. I miss blogging, I miss writing and I just miss blog-walking..hehehe..so, what’s up? what you’ve been up to lately Readers? For me, i’m just doing fine these days. Being in a working environment after finishing school is just something new to me. I’m adapting to this environment, so well that i’ve forgot to let myself to have some sort of excitement i’ve used to have long long time ago. I miss that! November is coming to an end for this year and it’s going to be a helooo December very soon. How I wish December here to be snowy and real Christmas tree grows here and there. Just want to light up the spirit of Christmas; it’s just days before Christmas and it’s once in a year. Ok, enough! Let’s get back to the title.

So..what with this “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is all about? It is acually a book written by John Gray that i’ve been reading up lately but I haven’t finish yet. I’m still stuck in chapter 4! lol…Sort of a very interesting book because Men and Women can actually understand each character better! Totally recomended for couples in order to establish a more romantic, loving and caring relationships; husband and wives who experienced crisis in their lives as well as teenagers. And this book can actually teaches us all about building a long lasting relationship with each other. So, i’m reading it now. I hope I can finish reading it soon so that I can move on to the next book. Hehe..

Chill out guys, btw..Happy Advent! 😀

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Finally after 4 years of hard work in undergrad studies, it comes to the event where we celebrate & gain the scroll! So, this week, UMS will hold its 12th convocation and I am one of the graduates. I’m just feeling so blessed to be part of this once in a lifetime experience. My convocation?Its on the 10.10.10 and it is indeed a very beautiful figure. Erm, checklist for convo:
1) Jubah (/)
2) Yuran (/)
3) Studio photo (/)
4) Outdoor group photo (/)
I am so excited and happy for the upcoming event and I just want to enjoy it! Yes. So, I’m wishing all my friends that soon to be graduated; a Happy Convocation Day!(^_^)v

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A soft refusal is not always taken, but a rude one is immediately believed.

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I’ve got the sweetest love..

Finally I can’t believe
Coz you and me, you’re my sweetest love

I got the sweetest love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love ain’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter

owh, this song is so sexy..
Robin Thicke – Sweetest Love!

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June, 2010!

Lama x tgk blog ni..huhu…well, hello there…Hi!!
June sudah and i’ve already completed my 4 years of study in ums..yeay!
mo mennggu graduate ni bln 10..
and i didnt plan to work sooner but things have changed the other way round..
June for me is working months and i’ve had less time to rest at home..huhuu..
i’m currently working with Desa group in Kinarut as a QA Exect..and i’ve got the job that is totally my field of study and im glad!huhu..and the salary is worth working there. i just want to gain as much experience as i can..so i can deny that im happy for me..we’ll see la what the future has to offer me…but i’m excitedly waiting for the best in life…:)

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Happy CNY & Happy Valentine

Wishing everyone esp the chinese a very prosperous Chinese New Year; may the year of the tiger continue to bring good luck ahead!

and not forgotten to all lovers, couples, husbands and wives a Happy Valentine’s Day!!Let love be the greatest thing of all..

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